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a life well lived is
built on rituals.

the Craft

Our Story

Most of us are modest in nature. More so than we probably should be. We wonder how we’ll ever get past the barriers we see to the places we hope to go to and the people we hope to become. The truth is life is a series of rituals. Important rituals, small rituals and even unconscious rituals. Our lives will not be measured by the things we have, but by the things we do, the places we go and the people we help and inspire. When we add rituals to our lives, everything changes, for ritual you is the most powerful you.

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Our Rituals
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Rituals put us in control. We decide on the ritual for the task at hand. It’s our chance to choose how we unwind, how we refresh, and how we kick back with friends and family. It’s a great time to introduce new rituals into your life and Ritual Green is ready to support your vision. When you choose to introduce new rituals into your life, your future becomes endless with possibilities. Rituals define our team’s commitment to quality, legacy, and tradition.


As a consumer you can take comfort in knowing all Ritual Green flower is:

  • Grown Indoors

  • Hang Dried

  • Hand Trimmed

  • Hand Packed, Quality Tested

  • Cured to Perfection

Our Facility
  • A purpose built, highly efficient, indoor cultivation facility.

  • Situated on 10 acres of land.

  • Includes state of the art cultivation and automation technologies.

  • Designed to meet European Union (EU) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) license requirements.

  • Adequate space for expansion as we introduce new products.

24,000 square feet  facility

10 acre parcel of land in windsor, nova scotia.

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